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Chair cushions reupholstery.

Chair cushions reupholstery.

When you come across a couple of handsome looking chairs at a flea market, garage sale, or thrift store, you should most definitely go with your urge to buy them (or you're lucky enough to get your hands on some hand-me-downs)! Vintage furniture is very on trend, especially pieces from the 60's and 70's, so it's easy to score stylish pieces at great prices! As long as you love the shape or the bones of the chairs and they are in great shape, giving them a new life could be as easy as replacing the fabric on the cushions!

And this was the case for these set of occasional chair cushions. A customer was redecorating a sitting room in her home. She found two really beautiful chairs with a really great frame, but the original fabric on the cushions had seen better days. I recovered both sets of seat and back cushions and these babies look so sleek! 


The customer had opted to shop for the fabric herself and she delivered a bolt of beautiful, soft, rich velvet in navy. This fabric is so luxurious!


The fronts of the back cushions were made by sewing 4 triangles together and attaching an upholstered button in the centre. The seams are such a simple thing, but add some great visual interest and uniqueness.


Top stitching not only reinforces those seams, but also is a nice decorative detail. 


Full size zippers along the entire bottom/back of cushions allow for easy removal of covers if need be. Piping (also upholstered in the same exact fabric) along the edges further add decorative detail.


In addition to the chair cushions, I also sewed new covers for a couple of rectangular throw pillows to go with the chairs. The customer decided on faux alligator leather in a medium-brown shade. 


The throw pillow covers received a full size zipper too, so that they could be easily removed.


I really like the way the cushions turned out. The modern cushions paired with the vintage chair frames look fantastic together, and the throw pillows are a great addition!


Overall, I think this customer had done a fabulous job redecorating her space! By reupholstering old chair cushions, not only did she add some serious style with vintage chairs, but she gave them a second chance and kept them out of the dumpster. 

Vintage nursery glider revival.

Vintage nursery glider revival.

Mother-daughter matching dresses.

Mother-daughter matching dresses.